Monday, May 28, 2012

OM World Finals Great Learning Experience

What a great experience the Odyssey Angels had at World Finals!

The Awards Ceremony was amazing and although we ended up not getting recognized at the ceremony, it was a tremendous success for our team.  We couldn't be more proud of what they have accomplished.

Awards Ceremony
Awards Ceremony

The team from Singapore won the Odyssey Angels Division II group.  We got to see them perform and it was fantastic!  Their theme was music and their angels solved the problems of Hip and Hop had broken up and they got them back together, the Oldies we losing energy and they re-energized them.  Their community problem was music piracy and they solved that problem by "Syncing" the pirates.  They sang and danced nearly the whole time with the songs telling the story.  I was so glad the team got to see the performance.  It was a great example of what the possibilities are.

World Champion Singapore Team

Things went really well and we were proud of our performance at the competition.  We ended up in the middle of the pack out of 57 state or national champion teams.  You can check out the final standings at:
World Finals Scores

Performance Room
Breakdown Dumpster

We left Iowa State University at 1:30 am on Sunday and finally arrived back home at about 10:00 pm!  it was a long bus ride.  The team was still singing as we arrived at the pick up site!

Wind Farm in Illinois

We had a fantastic and memorable trip.  Thank you so much to our entire community for following and supporting this once in a lifetime trip.  They are already talking about next year!  Thank you again!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Performance - Long Term Problem

Today we rocked our Long-Term performance, BIG TIME!  The conditions were a bit challenging because the performance was in a lecture hall with an immovable (by rule that is, we COULD have moved it if they would have let us!) lectern right in the middle of the performance area!  So instead of a huge performance space, we had to do the whole play in half the space (avoiding the Titanic in the middle of the stage).  It was pretty tight.  The good news is we JUST made the time (the plays cannot be longer than 8 minutes), so no overtime penalty!

Emily had been hoping to meet someone from Poland on this trip and as luck would have it, our team was assigned a "shadow" who just so happened to be from Poland!  A shadow is a coach from another country who follows teams through the performance process to see what it is like.

After the performance with our Polish Shadow
With the World Finals Odyssey Angels Problem Captain

What do we do with the set now?

According to my Stopwatch we made it just in time!

The team did a great job and even got a standing O from a few of the judges.  The practices had been a little shaky just before the scored performance, but they were spot on when it counted.  We have seen several plays from other World competitors but so far ours has definitely been one of the better ones!  When we got our raw scores from the judging team we were pleasantly surprised to see that we score higher than we did at the NC State Finals (and that score qualified us to be here!).  It was a very good day.

After the performance, the team got the honor of tearing down the set (literally!) in celebration of a job well done!

Tomorrow we will be watching plays from Sinapore and Hong Kong as well as many others.  A team from Germany followed our performance today but we didn't get a chance to see it.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Wednesday afternoon the team competed in the Spontaneous portion of the World Finals.  In this competition, students are presented with a problem that takes creativity and teamwork to solve.  They are given a short period of time to plan and then they have to solve the problem in the most creative way they can. They are judged on results (the extent they actually solved the problem), creativity and teamwork.

Getting ready to ROCK Spontaneous
Rocking with Japan in the holding room!!

Tomorrow we perform the play at 10:21 (Central)! Keep us in your thoughts!!

Opening Ceremonies!!

The Opening Ceremony was Awesome!  There were slide shows, fire, flashing lights and a laser light show!  We had fantastic seats and there was a huge JumboTron on the ceiling.



They start the ceremony off with a processional of representatives from each country and state participating (like the opening of the Olympics).  Taylor was our team representative with the North Carolina Delegation in the processional and she even got to help carry our NCOM banner!!


Thursday morning will be spent recovering from the bus ride, unpacking and getting our set ready, pin trading, watching some performances and slamming our Spontaneous problem at 3:01!

We perform tomorrow at 10:20 (Central Time).  Keep us in your thoughts!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Arrived at World Finals!!

We all survived the epic bus ride.  When we pulled onto the Iowa State Campus at 1:00 (Central Time) we had spent approximately 20 hours on the trip.  The scenery was great once the sun came up but we had a hard time seeing the mountains here!  Saw a lot of wind farms in Illinois at sunrise, pretty cool

Wind Farm in Illinois

Wakin up is hard to do..........


Breakfast at Cracker Barrell!


We ended up being just off campus in a hotel and we're getting cleaned up, rested up and organized..  Opening Ceremonies at 7:30 tonight at the Hilton Arena!

Our Spontaneous competition is Thursday at 3:00 and Long Term (the play) is Friday at 10:30 (Central Time).

It is great to be off that bus!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Here We Go!!

We are on the road to Iowa!  We met the bus in Asheville, picked up the Waynesville Middle School Team and hit the road at 6 30 for the 1000 mile trip.

Thank you again to all our wonderful supporters who made this trip possible!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Odyssey Angels Car Wash Huge Success!

Thank you to all the supporters who came out and helped with the car wash today!! It was awesome!  We raised over $700 and have almost reached 100% of our fundraising goal!  Thank you to O'Charley's for allowing us to use their facilities!!!  Thank you!





We leave for Iowa and OM World Finals in 3 Days!!

See you at the Gnarliest Kids Adventure Race Ever at Camp Pinnacle tomorrow!!